Driving School Website

Your own branded, optimised and maintained website

For ADIs who want a successful online presence in their teaching area. We have years of experience building websites and updating existing websites - specifically for the Driving School industry

Some Driving Instructors like to handle the many aspects of a Driving School themselves, but get stuck when it comes to a website.

Sorting out a good website that's eye catching, interesting and unique, but most importantly, is found by potential pupils, can end up costing a lot of money.

We now offer a website franchise that gives you the chance to have your own website - absolutely essential in today's technology driven market place.

"I just want to say a few words about my driving school website...It's a very professional looking website. Learners will often say this to me. Shortly after going live I moved up google rankings and within a couple of months, have been in the top 3 of local instructors ever since. The site is regularly updated and maintained. Since the start I have had a steady supply of customers." Wayne - Coast School

Your website will be professionally designed, branded, built, optimised and hosted for your Driving School, all in one place. You choose the colour scheme, send your lesson prices and driving school car pics - we do the rest! No chasing around for domain names, webs designers and hosting accounts!

Because the website is optimised for your Driving School area, it means local pupils will be able to find you when they make a relevant search - one of the most important details overlooked with new websites.

The website franchise is ongoing, which means you can send changes, update text and photos, alter pricing and offers etc. at any point. The great news is that it's available for the weekly cost of less than half a Driving Lesson!

Full FranchisePrice
Minimum 12 months£10 per week

Below is a list of benefits to joining the Part Driving School Franchise Support Plan:


  • Changes & updates at any time
  • Support throughout your franchise
  • Ongoing Hosting
  • Ongoing optimisation
  • Contact by email or phone for website support


  • Website branded for your driving school
  • Choose your own '.co.uk' driving school name
  • Website optimised for your teaching area
  • Submitted to search engines
  • Facebook Driving School page linked to website


  • Up front and easy to understand pricing
  • No hidden fees
  • After 1 year drops to £7 per week
  • After 2 years drops to £5 per week