Full Driving School Support

Working together to make your school a success

Perfect for the ADI who wants to build a successful Driving School, but would like the backing, advice and help of a company with experience across the entire Driving Instructor industry.

DITA Support is different to a Franchise because we're helping to build your Driving School - you're not simply paying a fee to use another company's logo.

It's also important to us that you succeed, so you can be assured that we will be doing everything we can to make your Driving School successful as soon as possible.

You will be dealing directly with the owners of DITA, not staff at a faceless corporation. Getting to know franchisees is the kind of hands on approach that has always been important to us throughout all aspects of the Driving Instructor industry.

There are no hiddens fees; no upfront payments or pupil charges, we like to keep things clear and easy to understand.

We make sure there's no Driving Instructor saturation in one area by limiting the number of Franchises we offer, this also means we have more time to spend supporting your Driving School.

Full FranchisePrice
Minimum 6 months£50 per week

Below is a list of benefits to joining the Full Driving School Support Plan:


  • Business mentoring tailored individually for you
  • Help starting your driving school
  • Support throughout your franchise
  • Strategies on how to increase pupil levels
  • Assistance in all key aspects of the driving school industry
  • Branded Diary pages
  • Branded Pupil progress / appointment cards
  • Contact us by email or phone for support
  • Free Check Test preparation with ORDIT Trainer
  • Free CPD training with ORDIT Trainer
  • Professional, high quality DITA teaching aids


  • Website branded for your driving school
  • Choose your own domain / driving school name
  • Website optimised for your teaching area
  • Online Website advertising in your area
  • Branded flyers / posters
  • Branded Business cards
  • Ongoing website advertising
  • Branded magnetic driving school roofbox
  • Branded magnetic door signs


  • No pupil charge
  • Pupils pay you directly
  • Unlimited pupils
  • Arrange your own pupil diary
  • No instructor saturation in one area


  • Up front and easy to understand pricing
  • 2 FREE weeks in the first year
  • Weekly fee DROPS with loyalty scheme
  • Additional free weeks with loyalty scheme