Part Driving School Support

Taking the stress out of running your school

Perfect for ADIs who want to start their Driving School with some support. Don't do it all on your own - take the pressure off and let us assist you in building your business

At DITA we are aware the word 'franchise' can put some ADIs off.

Visions of costly contracts that have you working half the week before you even start earning money is enough to put anyone off!

So for those that don't want a Full franchise, we decided to offer a Part franchise.

The Part franchise will build your Driving School brand online as well as in-car, with the emphasis focused on developing it into a successful business, not simply as a tool to push DITA.

You'll still benefit from our experience in many aspects of the instructor industry, and we remove many areas of running a Driving School that can be a pain, so you can concentrate on teaching.

As usual, we like to keep things simple, so there are no hidden fees or extras and it's great value at less than the price of two driving lessons per week.

Full FranchisePrice
Minimum 12 months£30 per week

Below is a list of benefits to joining the Part Driving School Franchise Support Plan:


  • Up front and easy to understand pricing
  • 2 franchise FREE weeks in the first year
  • Additional franchise free weeks with loyalty scheme


  • No pupil charge
  • Pupils pay you directly
  • Unlimited pupils
  • Arrange your own pupil diary


  • Business mentoring tailored individually for you
  • Help starting your driving school
  • Support throughout your franchise
  • Strategies on how to increase pupil levels
  • Assistance in all key aspects of the driving school industry
  • Branded Diary pages
  • Branded Pupil progress / appointment cards
  • Contact us by email or phone for support


  • Website branded for your driving school
  • Choose your own domain / driving school name
  • Website optimised for your teaching area
  • Ongoing website support
  • Google Adwords assistance / management