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Between us we have over 25 years experience in the driving instructor industry. Our aim is always to keep things clear, concise and easy to understand

DITA was formed back in 2005 when David and Milan decided to join together to concentrate on producing driving instructor teaching aids (hence the acronym that makes up the name).

Having experienced everything that the Driving Instructor qualification process entails; our aim was to produce clear, concise and easy to understand teaching and training products. Fortunately, the positive feedback we received spurred us on.

DITA Driving Instructor Teaching Aids

To set-up the DITA Franchise service we've kept the same clear, easy to understand and hands-on ethic found in our Instructor Training and Teaching Aids. By creating 3 plans that are great value, simple and benefit the long term success of each Driving School, we believe we offer a great opportunity.

When Driving Instructors or customers deal with DITA, they are dealing with the two people that created it. This means they are working alongside and being looked after by people who care if a product is good quality and a Driving School is a success.

DITA Driving Instructor Training

It matters to us because we want everyone that deals with DITA to have a positive experience. It also matters to us because our reputation depends on it.

To that end, we're confident that we can promise Driving Instructors and customers a good, open and honest service, where we try our hardest to ensure everyone is looked after to the same standard and with the same care that we would expect ourselves.

If you've been thinking about working alongside an experienced, professional set-up, we'd love to hear from you to discuss the possibility of helping you create a successful Driving School. Feel free to contact us.