DITA Instructor Franchise

We have helped both PDIs & ADIs build successful driving schools. From trainees to fully qualified driving instructors, we can help establish your driving school and increase pupil numbers. We offer ongoing assistance and high quality training for our franchisees, whether for ADI tests or Standard Check.

DITA Franchise

DITA Driving Instructor Franchise

Start Your Driving School With DITA

A Franchise that builds YOUR Driving School

DITA has been training pupils and instructors for years, as well as producing driving instructor teaching aids that are recommended across the driving instruction industry. Our aim has always been to keep things clear and easy to understand, whether it's driving instruction, instructor training or in our teaching aids.

To that end we've used our experience, along with feedback from our learners, trainees and even DVSA Examiners, to develop a brand that's well respected and continues to grow through word of mouth. During the time DITA has been developing, we've had repeated enquiries about whether there is a DITA franchise.

We decided to set up DITA Driving School Franchise, where the emphasis is on helping you establish your own successful Driving School and not to simply sell the franchise company. We've kept it simple; our 3 easy to understand support plans are:

Please take a look around our website, and feel free to send us any questions you may have about the franchise plans - we'll do our best to answer and explain any areas in which you may have concerns.