Trainee Franchise

DITA Trainee Licence Franchise

Trainee Licence Franchise

Gain experience / earn money

Trainee Pink Licence Franchise

Once you have passed your ADI part 2 test you have the option of working under the trainee licence scheme. (until you have the appropriate licence, you must not give driving lessons for reward).

The trainee licence lasts for 6 months and allows you to:

  • gain experience teaching real learners in preparation for your ADI part 3 test
  • get paid for your lessons

In order to apply for the trainee licence you must:

  • have undertaken 40 hours of ADI training from a qualified Instructor. These hours cannot be more than 6 months old and must be recorded and signed on the ADI 21T declaration form
  • have passed your ADI Part 1 test in the last 2 years
  • have passed your ADI Part 2 test
Trainee Driving Instructor Franchise Training

Once you have your trainee badge you have 2 further options regarding training before you take your Part 3 exam.

Extra training - you MUST undergo at least a further 20 hours of training which is signed off by your trainer on the ADI 21AT declaration form.

Supervision training - you are supervised by your trainer for 20% of all the lessons that you give. You must keep a record of all the lessons you give and the hours that your are supervised. These hours are logged on to the ADI 21S declaration form.

Please note: It is illegal set up your OWN driving school while under the trainee licence scheme, you MUST be sponsored by a driving school.

Trainee LicencePrice
Minimum 6 months£50 per week

Our trainee licence package

Take the stress out of teaching

You will be working under the sponsorship of ONEWAY Driver Training. ONEWAY Instructor & Driver training was set up in 2007 Milan Mehta, co-writer of all DITA products.

Milan: "although I have historically only specialised in ADI training, the arrival of the new competence based ADI part 3 test has created a demand for PDIs to utilise the trainee licence scheme."

  • Costs - £50 / week
  • It is a 6 month contract with the opportunity to continue with DITA after passing ADI Part 3, and build a succesful driving school

It has all the benefits listed below:

All training is in-car
All training is one-to-one
£900 for 20 hours
No pupil charge
Pupils pay you directly
Unlimited pupils
Arrange your own pupil diary
No instructor saturation in one area
Business mentoring tailored individually for you
Support throughout your franchise
Strategies on how to increase pupil levels
Assistance in all key aspects of the driving school industry
Branded Diary pages
Branded Pupil progress / appointment cards
Contact DITA by email or phone for support
An individual website designed for your school
Online Website advertising
Website optimised for your teaching areas
Branded flyers / posters
Branded Business cards
Ongoing website advertising
Branded magnetic driving school roofbox / door signs
After Qualification
Continue working with DITA to build a succesful driving school
Franchise Free Weeks